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Advance Ticket Refunds

On Sunday 25 October, the UK Government announced that Advance tickets bought for journeys to or from locations affected by local Covid restrictions, purchased before the restrictions were announced, could be surrendered for a voucher for the value of their ticket. Alternatively, the date and time of the ticket can be changed without a fee.

To return your ticket and apply for a voucher please email us at

Other Changes to Ticket Refunds Policy

We made several temporary changes to our ticket refund policy in line with the National Rail Industry. Many of these temporary changes came to an end from 7 September 2020. From this date:

  • The revised target in processing refunds has reverted back to 28 days.
  • A £10 refund fee on walk up tickets is payable.
  • Advance tickets remain non-refundable, however you may change the date and time of the booking for a £10 fee.
  • Refunds on expired season tickets has ended, as has backdating of refunds. This also applies to car park and PlusBus season tickets.
    • Unexpired Season Tickets can be refunded at any time - we can do this by deducting the value of tickets you would have travelled with, until you stopped using your Season Ticket. You will need to provide evidence that illness prevented you from travelling. (National Rail Conditions of Travel, 40.4).
    • To see how much of a refund you are entitled to, check the Season Ticket Refund Calculator on the National Rail website. For more information, including if you require a refund due to sickness that prevented you from using a Season Ticket, see the National Rail Season Ticket Conditions page.
  • You may apply for a refund on unused or part-used Anytime Single and Return tickets 28 days after expiry.

View previous coronavirus ticket refund policy (before 7 Sept) on the National Rail Enquiries website.

The vast majority of refunds are being processed within 28 days of receipt. There are however a small number of refunds which may take longer to process as we require additional information from our customers to successfully complete the refund.

If you have provided us with all the required information and have not received your refund within 56 days of submission, please get in touch with our Customer Relations team.

Fastest refund options

The fastest way to process a refund will be at one of our station ticket offices, where social distancing measures are in place or otherwise online if you have a Stansted Express account.

Non-GA refunds

If you bought a ticket from a non-Greater Anglia ticket office or online retailer then you will need to contact whoever sold you the ticket to arrange the refund.

Remote Refunds and Support

If you need any other guidance on refunds please contact our Customer Contact Centre.

Local lockdown refunds

The normal refund conditions apply for journey’s to or from a local lockdown area. If you are in such an area and want to request a ticket refund that was purchased with us, you can do so remotely by contacting our customer relations. If the ticket was bought on our website or app, this can be requested online through the My Greater Anglia area.

Season tickets

Unexpired Season Tickets can be refunded at any time. Refunds can be backdated if you provide sufficient proof of illness.

To request a refund, please visit one of our ticket offices. Please view social distancing measures we have put in place on our trains and stations before visiting.

Annual Season tickets with more than 7 weeks remaining are entitled to a refund. Use this Season ticket refund calculator to work out an estimate for the refund amount you'll get for an Annual or longer than one month Season Ticket.

Annual Season Tickets purchased with a company cheque

If you paid for your annual season ticket with a company cheque you will need to provide a letter from your employer on headed company paper confirming the refund can be credited directly back to you.

This can be taken to the ticket office where you purchased your season ticket along with your ticket.
If the refund is to be credited back to your employer please provide a letter on headed company paper with BACs details:

Account name: (i.e. Abellio East Anglia Ltd)
Sort Code: (i.e. 20-00-00)
Account number: (i.e. 12345678)
Bank: (i.e. Barclays)


There is currently no change to the validity period, discount and expiry dates for annual railcards but this is being reviewed at the moment. Please keep checking here or the railcard website for the latest information.

Rail Travel Vouchers

If you have a Rail Travel Voucher that has an expiry date between 17 March 2020 and 16 September 2020, this may be accepted for a maximum of 6 months after the original expiry date e.g. an RTV that expires on 10 June 2020, may continue to be accepted up to and including 09 December 2020. Where a voucher states that it can be exchanged for cash, this can also be done with expired vouchers.

Car Park Season Tickets

If you have purchased a season ticket for parking at a Greater Anglia car park, please contact If you have an account with them, you can log in here.

If you have any issues, please contact the NCP customer service team directly on 03450507080 or you visit the NCP online contact us page -

If you purchased an annual car park season ticket and have been unable to use it due to the COVID-19 situation, NCP will extend the validity by four months. For example, if your ticket expires 30 June 2020, your ticket will be extended until 31 October 2020. NCP will continue to monitor and review the situation with Greater Anglia.

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