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Lost Property

If you've lost something, here's how you can report it to us.

What you need to do

Fill in our online form.

Most of the time, lost property is returned to customers within 72 hours. We'll keep checking if it's been handed in for three months and we'll send you email updates too.

If you think you lost your property at London Liverpool Street station or on our trains, you should also report it to the Excess Baggage company in case they have it.

What you need to know

  • We dispose all perishable items like food and drink
  • If you've lost something really valuable like a passport or bank card, you may want to have these items stopped or cancelled. We keep bank cards for 24 hours if we find them and then destroy them.
  • We may charge a fee if you don’t retrieve your lost property within 24 hours of us finding it.
  • We’re not liable for lost or stolen luggage.

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