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Welcome to Stansted Express' Blog.

Discover exciting and fun trip ideas as well as helpful travel advice when visiting Europe or London.

Little girl playing with plane on a suitcase

Best Places to Travel With Kids

Create memorable family holidays by visiting one of our picks for the best places to travel to with kids.

Buckingham Palace

Navigating London during the Coronation

Find out everything you need to know about the coronation and make the most of your visit to London.

Canal with boats in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam and wondering about what to get up to? Check out our guide on where to stay and things to do.

Venice canal with boats

Most romantic European cities to visit Valentine’s Day

Looking for a romantic European getaway for Valentine's day? Discover the most romantic cities in Europe.

Christmas market stalls in Vienna

Most festive European cities

Wondering which city to visit this festive period?

Copenhagen town square with buildings and people walking

Winter destination Copenhagen

Find out the best things to do in Copenhagen in your Winter break, including ice skating and festive Christmas markets.

Row of seats on a train

Reduce the carbon footprint of your trip

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling with our environmentally-friendly travel tips.

Women with world map and camera

Last minute trip ideas

Last-minute holiday break? Check out our recommendations for last-minute getaway destinations.

Child playing with toy in an airplane seat

Keeping kids entertained on journeys

Looking for ways to keep your little ones entertained when travelling?

People and buildings in town square in Brussels

Things to do in Brussels

Find out the best things to do and top attractions to visit in Brussels.

Family on train platform with suitcases

Optimise luggage space

Learn how to pack a suitcase efficiently and get the most out of your luggage space.

Women walking with a suitcase on a train platform

Solo travelling

Interested in travelling alone? Check out our solo travel guide.

Stansted Express train arriving at train platform

Environmental benefits of travelling by train

Find out all the environmental benefits of train travel.

People onboarding a train with suitcases

Cheapest time to go abroad

Check out our top tips for a cheaper summer break.

Women and child with suitcase

Guide to travelling with kids

We outline top tips when travelling with kids, especially for first-timers.

Euros notes and coins

Travelling on a budget

Our top tips for travelling on a budget, including being flexible and knowing the best times to travel for cheaper flights.

Venice canal with boats and buildings

Spring destination Venice

There are many reasons to go to Venice, including the food, culture and world-famous canals.

Town square in Croatia

Best European Couples Getaways

Discover our most romantic destinations for couples to travel to across Europe.

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