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Things to do in Amsterdam

Posted By Digital Team

21st February 2023

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. From its historic architecture, infamous coffeeshops and vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam welcomes an average of 687 people per hour into its vibrant city. Here is a selection of Stansted Express’s top hotels and attractions Amsterdam has to offer: 

Where to stay in Amsterdam: 

Amsterdam is a hub for tourism, with people from all around the world coming to visit the Dutch capital. Amsterdam offers its visitors a range of accommodation to stay in around the city, from hotels to hostels, boutiques to houseboats.  

The Hoxton Hotel 

Located in The Nine Streets, Hoxton has some of the city’s best restaurants and shops on its doorstep. All 111 rooms offered at the Hoxton are unique, embracing the quirks and history of the old canal houses. Rooms vary in size from the ‘Shoebox’ (sleeps one adult) to the ‘Biggy’ (sleeps two adults, one child and is dog friendly).  


Experience Amsterdam like never before by staying in an old bridge house on Amsterdam’s canal. Fed up with noisy neighbours? Do not worry – Sweets offers guests their very own private and independent hotel suite. Sweets’ suites are perfect for people who are keen to explore as much of Amsterdam as possible, with 28 independent suites across Amsterdam’s canal channels and no additional amenities, not even a reception desk. Sweets allows you to do Amsterdam your way.  

The Flying Pig 

The Flying Pig is a chain of three hostels located across Amsterdam. Flying Pig Uptown and Downtown are popular with backpackers, not only because of their prime locations in central Amsterdam, but because of the atmosphere offered. The Flying Pig prides itself on selling the cheapest beer in Amsterdam, therefore it is an ideal place to relax, party and meet new people. With all the essentials included in the price and a fully equipped kitchen at every location, Flying Pig is one of Amsterdam’s most budget-friendly accommodations – and depending on how many people you are willing to share a dormitory with, the lower the price becomes.   

Amsterdam is a city bursting with culture and entertainment. From historic architecture, galleries and museums to vibrant bars and restaurants, you will not find yourself without anything to do whilst visiting Amsterdam.  

Where to visit in Amsterdam: 

Dam Square 

Located in Centrum, Dam Square is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of the city. Nestled between food stalls, restaurants, bars and plazas, Dam Square is the beating heart of the city. As well as being a popular attraction, Dam Square has a rich history attached to it, with the centre of the square housing the National Monument memorialising the Dutch soldiers who fought in the Second World War. 

Van Gogh Museum 

One of Amsterdam’s top attractions allows people to explore and follow the troubled life of one of history’s greatest artists – Vincent Van Gogh. The museum houses over a thousand artefacts and artworks attributed to Van Gogh, as well as showcasing the work of other famous artists.  

However, if the Van Gogh Museum does not take your fancy, do not worry – Amsterdam has over 50 other museums on offer. From the Street Art Museum Amsterdam to the KattenKabinet (Museum of Cats), there will be a museum that is bound to appeal to you. 

The Anne Frank House  

The Anne Frank House is located in Centrum and housed the famous diarist for 761 days during the Second World War. Explore the secret annex and the sobering exhibition detailing the persecution that the Jewish community experienced during the war.   

Albert Cuypmarkt 

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting Europe’s largest street market, Albert Cuypmarkt. Open six days a week, the market is a perfect way to experience Amsterdam through exploring the 260 market stalls. 

The Heineken Experience 

Discover the story behind one of the world’s most favoured brand of beers – Heineken. Explore Heineken’s oldest brewery, learn all about its heritage, and enjoy two perfectly chilled Heineken beers at the Best ‘Dam Bar. 

Amsterdam’s canal system 

Regarded as the Venice of the north, Amsterdam has an impressive canal system that rivals its Italian counterpart, and the best way to explore it is from the water. Amsterdam offers its visitors the option to hire a boat and explore the canals themselves, or if you are interested in a more leisurely exploration of Amsterdam’s canal system, the canal cruises are for you. 


With more bicycles than people, the favoured way to navigate the city is to cycle. Therefore, no visit to Amsterdam is complete without peddling around the Dutch capital. With numerous bicycle rentals and cycling tours, you can explore the city like a local. 

Simply wander. 

Wandering the streets of Amsterdam is like stepping into a postcard. With the unique architecture and canal system, one of the best things to do in Amsterdam is just wander and explore the hidden gems of the city. 

Places to eat and drink: 

Herring stalls 

Traditionally a 13th century fishing village, it is natural that a food delicacy in Amsterdam is fish. Herring has been a staple in the Dutch diet for over 600 years and is a famous Dutch remedy for hangovers. The herring has a soft texture and a salty taste, and is served in bite-sized pieces with raw onions and gherkins. Although the taste is not for everyone, herring is a must to truly embrace the Amsterdam culture. 


Located in an old tram remise, Foodhallen celebrates local delicacies blended with flavours from around the world in a vibrant indoor food market. With 25 food and drink venders housed in the market, it is an ideal place to visit whilst in Amsterdam. This market does not take reservations, so just turn up and enjoy the cuisines and flavours of Amsterdam. 


Since opening in 1935, Hap-Hmm has attracted large numbers of regular customers, as well as gaining large popularity amongst tourists. Specialising in traditional, fresh and delicious Dutch cuisines, Hap-Hmm offers guests meals that are prepared with the greatest care for a remarkably affordable price.  

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails 

Located in Centrum, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails offers guests not only (neo)-classical cocktails, but additionally the stories behind the spirits. With over 800 unique spirits at the bar, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails has the largest backbar of the Netherlands. Offering cocktail workshops for up to 20 people, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails also aims to teach its guests the importance of flavourings and the wonderful world of mixology. 

If you are flying to Amsterdam, Stansted Express ensures hassle free transfers to Stansted Airport with tickets starting from just £9.50. What’s the wait? Book your tickets and explore the wonders of Amsterdam.  

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