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Interrailing across Europe

Posted By Chantal Callaghan

17th July 2023

A phenomenon that was once huge in the 1970s and 80s, amongst students seeking low-cost across Europe, is back in style. It is now not only students who are taking advantage of the accessible rail connections across Europe, but adults, families and pensioners are jumping on the bandwagon - or rather, the train carriage and experiencing Europe via its train lines. Did you know that many EU countries have high-speed rail services, making it the perfect way to explore Europe! 

With the possibility to buy a first or second-class interrailing ticket enabling travel to a specific European country or to over 40,000 destinations in 33 European cities, what's the wait?  

How interrailing works  

Although you book your Interrail pass online before your journey, changing destinations as you travel is possible, giving you the ultimate freedom to roam. We’ve listed a few recommended destinations in this guide if you're considering interrailing this summer. We’ve also included our top tips for planning your journey, and helpful advice to keep in mind throughout your interrailing experience.  

Where is best to interrail? 

You can go interrailing across Europe via cities, towns or villages, provided you have rail access. As you’d imagine, the best access is in the cities and larger towns. Take a look at some of the top destinations you need to visit whilst interrailing:  


This port city has a maritime past that’s worth exploring. It can be seen in the city’s 17th-century canals and its Maritiman museum.  

As well as being a historical city, Gothenburg is a modern and exciting city to explore, with the neighbourhood Haga being one of the hippest parts of town! Being a port city, Gothenburg is a great place for ferry-hopping, allowing you to explore at ease the Southern and Northern archipelagos. If you don’t fancy ferry-hoping, don’t worry Gothenburg is only a few hours away from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo! Making it an ideal place to visit whilst interrailing. 


Berlin is one of the hippest cities in Europe, and no trip to Eastern Europe is complete without visiting the German capital. A friendly city with so much to see and a fascinating history; enjoy wandering around its many museums, people-watching over a coffee, or staying out until the early hours exploring Berlin's famous techno raves. 


This beautiful Andalusian city hosts one of the wonders of the world - the mediaeval Alhambra Palace. Spend a day appreciating this Moorish architectural beauty as you are transported back to Spain's Moorish past. Try the tapas and catch a flamenco show while you’re there. Granada is four and a half hours from Madrid. And talking of historically splendid cities… 


 A city of colour and excitement, the Greek capital is the perfect mix of ancient and modern. The Acropolis sits high above the city, reminding visitors of its revered and philosophical past. But modern Athens is all about dancing, music, street performers and street cafes offering kebabs, spanakopita and other tasty morsels. 


More expensive than many other European cities, Amsterdam is nevertheless definitely worth a visit. Another party destination, this city comes alive at night (although it’s pretty full-on during the day too). Cycle alongside the canals, admire the tall townhouses or visit the popular Van Gogh Museum. Afterwards, enjoy a beer in one of the many bars in the city centre. 

Tips and tricks for interrailers: 

  • Research train timetables before your trip. That way, you’ll know how long your journeys should take and whether you can connect easily. After all, no one wants to spend the night sitting around a train station. 
  • Take time out to enjoy your destinations rather than try to pack in as many countries as possible.  
  • Stay in hostels whenever you can, not only can this save you some money in the long run but is also a great way for you to meet other travellers and make friends. It’s possible to sleep on trains too, by reserving a bunk in advance. If you’re a worrier, book your hostels in advance to ensure you’ll always have a bed for the night. 
  • Make sure you budget. Some cities such as Paris and Amsterdam can be expensive and make a serious dent in your funds if you do not plan ahead! 
  • Travel as lightly as possible. You can always hand wash clothes in the hostel so don’t take too much to wear. Instead, use that space for Tupperware and cutlery – that way, you can take leftovers with you to save cash. 
  • If you’re under 31, order a Youth Card before leaving. It gets you discounts on hostels, travel, leisure pursuits etc. And that’s in over 30 countries, so not to be missed. 

Staying safe while interrailing 

This was such a big – and important – topic we felt it merited a section all to itself. So, when in Europe interrailing: 

  • Always update your friends and family on your travels (especially if you’re travelling by yourself) and let them know when you plan on contacting them next. That way, they can alert the authorities if you don’t get in touch.  
  • Always Travel with a fully charged portable charger, so you can always access your interrail ticket online. 
  • Try to use public transport rather than private cabs or walking at night as it’s much safer. 
  • If you are carrying cash separate your money into smaller amounts to keep in different places, this means that if your wallet was to get lost, you can access more money immediately. We recommended using a money belt as it is great on the go and can be easily hidden under articles of clothing. 

Living here in the UK, we imagine the first step of your holiday interrailing across Europe will be via the Stansted Express. And that makes perfect sense. Why not begin your trip the way you mean to go on – in perfect comfort! Stansted Express ensures hassle free transfers to Stansted Airport with tickets starting from just £9.90. What’s the wait? Book your tickets and explore the wonders of interrailing today! 

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