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A Foodie’s Guide to Europe

Posted By Chantal Callaghan

6th June 2023

Hungry to travel? We hear you! That’s why we have put together this mouth-watering guide to European delicacies and where’s best to find them.

So, if you’re all packed and happen to be going to one of the destinations mentioned in our guide, read it enroute. Discover the best foodie destinations in Europe and what's best to eat at each destination. We’ve also included a couple of restaurant and café names, so you will definitely get to experience the best of what your chosen city offers.

European delicacies and where to find them

Jerez, Spain

Spain is famous for its truffle-fed Iberian Pata Negra pig and the ham this free-roaming animal produces. Teamed with a classic sherry, it’s perfect alongside tapas consisting of morcilla (black pudding), chorizo and a few slices of Manchego cheese. Sit and munch this little lot, and you’d be forgiven for believing you were in heaven. Jerez is the home of Tio Pepe, and it’s possible to go on a tour of the family bodega. Jerez is also where The Montesierra ham company cures the flesh of the Pata Negra. There’s no better location in Spain to try both.

Seville, Spain

The 17th-century El Rinconcillo is the place to go in Seville for tapas. This former convent is now a beautiful and ornately tiled bar with huge hams draped down from the ceiling. Bacalao a la roteña (salt cod in a tomato sauce) is the big draw here. And no wonder. It’s perfect with a glass of bone-dry, chilled fino sherry. Bar Las Teresas in the old Jewish quarter, known as Santa Cruz, serves up excellent garlic spinach and chickpea with cumin.

Venice, Italy

And on the subject of Tapas, Italy has its own take on these delicious small 'sample' meals - Cicchetti. Cicchetti can be found at bàcaros, one of the many wine bars dotted around the beautiful city. One of our favourite bàcaros is Catino del Vino Schiavi (Ponte San Trovaso Dorsoduro) make sure you get there early to ensure you have a seat for some lunchtime nibbles. Tuck in to polpette (fried meatballs), small panini, crostini (small open-face sandwiches) and tramezzini (triangular white bread sandwiches) served alongside baked or stuffed vegetables or seafood.

London, England

It is not possible to visit London and not try the fish and chips of Golden Union Fish Bar. Retro in design, this Soho based chip shop serves all the British classics, from fish such as cod, haddock, plaice and coley to homemade pies. Struggling for choice? Golden Union has it all. As well as serving the chip shop classics, Golden Union offers unique takes on British classics with a plant-based menu, allowing everyone to have a taste of the British seaside from Soho.

Staying in the Soho area? You need to try Sketch's infamous afternoon teas! You’ll see exactly what we mean once you get there because everything in the room – apart from the finger sandwiches and pretty cakes - is pink. Making it the perfect place to snap some holiday pictures!

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, you’ll find traditional knödel – chewy bread dumplings with various and very hearty meaty sauces. European foods don’t come any tastier than this. For vegetarians, how about a soft egg noodle dumpling served with cheese and onions, known locally as Swabian käsespätzle. Kaiserschmarrn is a rolled-up pancake cut and served alongside a neat little cup of damson compote. All of these are available at the city’s popular Spätzle & Knödel.

Istanbul, Turkey

Famous for its street food, you cannot visit Istanbul and not sample the local cuisine. You will be spoilt for choice, from simit (a bread ring topped with sesame seeds) to pide or lahmacun - Turkish flatbreads similar to a Western pizza. If you are feeling brave, you can try kokereç a Turkish delicacy and one of the most popular street foods in Istanbul. Kokereç combines sweetbreads that are wrapped around crispy, grilled lamb's intestine. But don’t worry if you are not feeling brave enough, there are plenty of other Turkish delicacies for you to taste.

Manti is a kind of Turkish ravioli, as hot dumplings filled with lamb, beef, chicken, salmon or spinach seasoned with onion, salt and pepper is served traditionally with yogurt and garlic. The more delicate the wrapping on the ravioli, the more accomplished the chef. Buy this at the likes of Fıccın (Beyoğlu) or Emek Mantı (Yeniköy).

Nice, France

Famous for its very popular tuna and anchovy salad served with eggs, tomatoes and capers, Nice is where the delicious dish Salade Niçoise originates. You’ll find one of the best versions in La Socca d’Or. Pan bagnat is salade nicoise in sandwich form, and you can buy it on the street as you stroll around the city.

On the streets, if you are lucky enough to find a crisp pancake made from chickpea flour, known as savoury socca, buy it. It’s certainly worth a taste. For something a bit more pizzalike, try the onion and anchovy flavoured pissaldière from the popular bakery Boulangerie Lagache.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sometimes referred to as “the food capital of Scandinavia,” Copenhagen is any foodie's dream!

The popular pastry Snegle is like an upmarket cinnamon bun and can be found at the bakery chain Lagkagehuset.

But best of all, there is Smørrebrød. This consists of an open sandwich made with dark rye bread with pork, roast beef, chicken or fish (herring or salmon) and topped with herbs or vegetables. You’ll also find pickles and relish nearby. Kompasset in historic Nyhavn is the place to sample these tasty treats, while the Danish beer Tuborg is the perfect accompaniment.


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