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Trains From Stansted Airport To King's Cross

Opening its doors to passengers in 1852, King's Cross is one of London's main railway stations and is located in the northern outskirt of the city. Kings Cross links the capital with many of Britain’s major towns and cities, with frequent trains leaving for Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cambridge and many more. Kings Cross is also home to Platform 9 ¾, from the Harry Potter stories and films.

King's Cross station is close to many interesting landmarks and attractions. The British Library sits just a 9 minute walk from the station. It is the world’s largest national library with a collection of 150-200 million items. The University College London is close and easily reachable on foot from King's Cross. London is famous for its canal network. Why not visit the London Canal Museum and learn about the history of the unique waterways. It’s just a 10 minute walk from King's Cross Station.

How long does it take to get from Stansted Airport To London King's Cross?

The journey from Stansted Airport To London King's Cross takes just over an hour, on average.

What is the quickest train route to London King's Cross from Stansted Airport?

The quickest and easiest way to get from Stansted Airport to King's Cross is to get the Stansted Express train to Tottenham Hale Station then onto the Victoria Line. Please note, your Stansted express ticket won't cover your London Underground travel, you can purchase these on the day at the London Underground stations or you can easily swipe your payment card using the card's contactless technology.

What is the fastest train route to Stansted Airport from London King’s Cross?

Take the Victoria Line underground train from London King’s Cross to Tottenham Hale. From Tottenham Hale you can take the Stansted Express train service directly to the airport. The whole journey only takes just over an hour. Once you get to Stansted Airport train station, the main terminal is a quick and easy 2-3 minute walk - simply follow the prominent signs or ask a friendly member of staff to direct you to the terminal. 

Please note your Stansted Express ticket is not valid on the underground, but you can buy an underground ticket on the day of travel or use your contactless card to swipe through the barriers.

Why travel with Stansted Express?

  • Take the legwork out of your journey. Stansted Express covers most of the distance to King's Cross, with trains running every 30 minutes between Stansted Airport and London.
  • The Stansted Express service starts at 05.30am and finishes at 12.30am
  • Stansted Express tickets are flexible, you can travel on any train on the outward date you booked and return anytime within that month.

London King's Cross Station
Euston Road
London N1 9AL

Useful Information

The distance between Stansted Airport and King’s Cross is 30 miles by rail and 34.9 miles by road. The quickest and easiest route is to get the Stansted Express service from Stansted Airport to Tottenham Hale Station, and from there take the London Underground Victoria Line to King’s Cross St Pancras. This journey takes approximately 53 minutes.

Please note your Stansted Express ticket is not valid on the underground, but you can purchase Tube tickets at Tottenham Hale or use contactless or Oyster card to complete your journey to King’s Cross. 

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