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London Paddington to Stansted Airport

Trains from London Paddington to Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport is the second largest international airport in the UK and offers flights to over 160 destinations in Africa, Europe and Asia. The train station at Stansted Airport is just a quick 2-3 minute undercover walk from the main terminal, making the train the most convenient and easy method of public transport to get you to and from Stansted Airport.

Paddington station is located in central London and connects the capital to other major cities and towns in England and Wales. As well as main line train services, Paddington station also has an underground station (Zone 1) and connects to the Bakerloo (brown), Circle (yellow), District (green) and Hammersmith & City (light pink) lines.

How long does it take to get from Paddington station to Stansted Airport?

The journey to Stansted Airport from London Paddington station takes around 1 hour 27 minutes, so make sure you have enough time allocated to get you to the airport to get your flight.

The quickest train route to Stansted Airport from London Paddington

The fastest and most convenient way to travel to Stansted Airport from London Paddington is to take the underground Bakerloo line (brown) to Oxford Circus, where you can get the Victoria line underground train (light blue) to Tottenham Hale. From Tottenham Hale, you can get the Stansted Express to take you to the airport train station which is only a 2-3 minute walk to the main terminal.

For the best price on Stansted Express tickets, book in advance. Tickets start from £9.70 for the Stansted Express journey from Tottenham Hale to Stansted Airport. Return tickets are flexible and allow you to travel any time within a month, so if your flights are delayed on your way back to Stansted, you are not further inconvenienced by having to purchase another ticket for the train. If you are travelling as a group or in a pair, further savings can be made with our webduo or group tickets, so do check out these offers if that applies to you.

Please note your Stansted Express ticket is not valid on the underground, but you can buy an underground ticket on the day of travel or use your contactless card to swipe through the barriers.

Going the other way? Get travel information about the train journey from Stansted Airport to Paddington Station here.

Why travel with Stansted Express?

  • Take the legwork out of your journey. Stansted Express covers most of the distance from London Paddington to Stansted Airport, with trains running every 30 minutes.
  • The Stansted Express service starts at 05.30am and finishes at 12.30am.
  • Stansted Express tickets are flexible, you can travel on any train on the outward date you booked and return anytime within that month.

Paddington Station
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Useful Information

There is no direct service to Stansted Airport from London Paddington train station. The fastest route on public transport is to take the underground to Tottenham Hale and catch the Stansted Express from there to the airport. The airport station is only a 2-3 minute walk to the main terminal.

The distance between Stansted Airport and London Paddington is 32 miles.

The Stansted Express train service to Stansted Airport starts at London Liverpool Street Station, stopping just once at Totteham Hale Station. You can catch the Stansted Express from either of these London Stations. The journey from Liverpool Street takes 50 minutes and from Tottenham Hale 36 minutes.

Stansted Airport is not on an Underground line. To get to Stansted Airport, you can take the Stansted Express from London Liverpool Street (journey time: 50 minutes) or Tottenham Hale (Journey time: 36 minutes) to take you to Stansted Airport train station, which is only 2-3 minutes walk from the main terminal. Trains run every 30 minutes.

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