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During the day, journey times will be extended by up to ten minutes and trains depart London Liverpool Street by up to ten minutes earlier than normal.

In the night, trains departing from Stansted Airport between 22:45 and 23:45, and the 23:25 service from London Liverpool Street will stop at Seven Sisters Station instead of Tottenham Hale Station, extending journey times by several minutes.

How to Travel to/from Tottenham Hale
The last service for Tottenham Hale to the airport is at 23:03 and 22:30 from the airport to Tottenham Hale. There are some later services to/from Seven Sisters which your ticket will be accepted for. Check times on the Greater Anglia website.

You'll need to make your own way to/from Seven Sisters station, which can be done through the London Underground.

Important info
  • Accessibility: Seven Sisters station does not have step-free access. Customers requiring assistance are advised to travel via London Liverpool Street. Or to arrange assistance in planning a step free journey, please call 0800 028 28 78.
  • Boarding: Due to short platforms at Seven Sisters, please avoid boarding the rear three carriages as the doors will not open.
  • Increased Crowds: Seven Sisters station may be busier than usual, and a queuing system might be in place. Please allow extra time for your journey.
In the early monring, trains will operate between London Liverpool Street and Waltham Cross and we'll have coaches to fulfil the rest of the journey between Waltham Cross and Stansted Airport.

The first regular train service from Liverpool Street will depart at 0830. The first from Stansted Airport will depart at 0900.

Please check train times with our tool and allow additional time for your journey.
Please don’t 'tap in' at the automatic ticket gates. Please buy your ticket online before you travel.

If you do not buy a ticket or you use Contactless or Oyster you will be liable for a £100 Penalty Fare at Stansted Airport, plus the full single fare for your journey. Please buy your ticket online before you travel.
Please select at least one passenger Please select at least one passenger

The fastest way between central London and Stansted Airport

Trains depart every 15 mins during the day

Why take the train to Stansted Airport?

Less time travelling

With a journey time of just 48 minutes to Liverpool Street, there’s no quicker way to travel from Central London to Stansted Airport.

Maximum flexibility

You can take any train at any time without pre-booking – just in case things don’t go to plan. Our open returns are fully flexible, so you can travel up to 30 days from departure at no extra cost.

No queueing

Breakaway from the herd and leave the lines behind. Book ahead and download your eticket straight to your phone. We don’t charge any additional fees and you’re covered by your price guarantee when you book through our website.

Time to suit you

Our trains depart every 15 minutes during the day, 7 days a week.

More space

You don’t need to stress about social distancing. We’re making our trains as long as possible, so passengers can spread out. We’re constantly monitoring passenger numbers so that we can make trains longer or increase the frequency if necessary.

Straight from A to B

You can forget lengthy interchanges or long treks to the terminal. Our trains run straight into London and Stansted airport.

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