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Beat the traffic, by train

Make the most of your travel time, because you’ve got more important places to be than stuck in traffic.

Get there faster

With a journey time of just 47 minutes to Liverpool Street, there’s no quicker way to travel from Central London to Stansted Airport.

Time to suit you

Our trains run every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Maximum flexibility

You can take any train at any time without pre-booking – just in case things don’t go to plan. Our open returns are fully flexible, so you can travel up to 30 days from departure at no extra cost.

Get there in comfort

Compared to coaches and cars, our legroom is luxurious. And there are tables and power sockets if you want to work en route.

Don’t risk seeing red

86.2% of our trains reach their destination within 5 mins of the schedule, so you can arrive cool, calm and collected (Data as of May 2019).

Straight from A to B

You can forget lengthy interchanges or long treks to the terminal. Our trains run straight into the heart of the city and airport.

Plugs at every point

You’re a multitasking maestro, and with free Wi-Fi and plugs at every seat, you’ll stay fully charged and in the know.

No booking fees

No surprises here. We don’t charge any additional fees and you’re covered by your price guarantee when you book through our website or mobile app.

Lower your emissions

Go green between Central London and Stansted Airport. Our trains use just 23% of the total CO2 emitted on the same journey by road.

No queueing

Breakaway from the herd and leave the lines behind. Book ahead and download your eticket straight to your phone.

Unlimited luggage

Take your luggage straight on board, keep it in sight and get to it when you need to. There’s plenty of space above and below seats, plus luggage areas by the doorways.

Lovely little extras

Every Stansted Express ticket comes with great extras. You’ll enjoy 2FOR1 offers on some of London’s favourite restaurants, shows and attractions like The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, the Sea Life Centre and Thorpe Park Resort.

Average journey time and frequency. PPM figures are quote all trains arriving within five minutes of schedule regardless of service group, May 2018-2019. Wi-Fi and plug sockets may not be available on all Stansted Express services. Emissions are indicative and are calculated using the Defra / DECC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Conversion Factors. Rail emissions are calculated on a per passenger basis = 0.04 CO2 / pass km. Car emissions are based on a journey basis = 0.180kg CO2 / km. Distance is calculated at 56 km.

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