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London Victoria to Stansted Airport

Trains from London Victoria to Stansted Airport

As the UK’s second largest airport, Stansted serves flights to over 160 international destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe. The Stansted Airport train station is located just a few minutes undercover walk from the main terminal, so you can depart the train to catch you flight without all the bother of shuttle busses or finding parking.

London Victoria is one of the busiest train stations in London. The station connects travellers to the South of England, and the adjacent coach station for buses to many other towns and cities in the UK.

How long does it take to get from Victoria to Stansted Airport on the train?

The journey to Stansted Airport from London Victoria train station takes 1 hour and 3 minutes, depending on the route you choose to take.

What is the best train route to Stansted Airport from London Victoria?

The quickest and easiest route by train from London Victoria to Stansted Airport is to take the Tube from Victoria on the Victoria line (light blue) to Tottenham Hale. From Tottenham Hale you can take the Stansted Express service directly to the airport. The main terminal at Stansted Airport is a short 2-3 minute walk from the train station, simply follow the signs or ask a friendly member of staff for directions. The whole journey takes a little over an hour.

Please note your Stansted Express ticket is not valid on the underground, but you can buy an underground ticket on the day of travel or use your contactless card to swipe through the barriers.

Going the other way? Get travel information about the train journey from Stansted Airport to London Victoria here.

Why Travel with Stansted Express?

  • Take the legwork out of your journey. Stansted Express covers most of the distance from London Victoria, with trains running every 30 minutes between Stansted Airport and London. 
  • The Stansted Express service starts at 05.30am and finishes at 12.30am 
  • Stansted Express tickets are flexible, you can travel on any train on the outward date you booked and return anytime within that month.

Victoria Station
London SW1V 1JT

Useful Information

There are no direct trains from London Victoria to Stansted Airport. The best train route to get to Stansted Airport from Victoria is to take the Victoria Line Tube (light blue) from Victoria Underground station to Tottenham Hale, where you can catch the Stansted Express to take you straight to the airport. The main terminal is located just a few minutes walk from the train station at Stansted Airport.

The Stansted Express train service to Stansted Airport starts at London Liverpool Street Station, stopping just once at Tottenham Hale Station. You can catch the Stansted Express from either of these London Stations. The journey from Liverpool Street takes 50 minutes and from Tottenham Hale 36 minutes.

Stansted Airport is not on an Underground line. To get to Stansted Airport, you can take the Stansted Express from London Liverpool Street (journey time: 50 minutes) or Tottenham Hale (Journey time: 36 minutes) to take you to Stansted Airport train station, which is only 2-3 minutes walk from the main terminal. Trains run every 30 minutes.

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