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Regular traveller?
Save with a season ticket.

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If you travel between Stansted Airport and London daily, a season ticket makes sense. You can buy a weekly, monthly, or annual season ticket – each will save you time and money compared to a standard return.

You can purchase your season tickets online and order a Smart Card for free.

Using a Smart Card for your Season Ticket is much quicker. You no longer need to queue at a ticket office to purchase your Season Ticket, simply buy it online at your convenience and then present your card at a gate or ticket machine to load your Season Ticket to your Smart Card.

If you travel through a station with ticket gates. Simply touch your Smart Card on the reader.

Customers with a current Season Ticket can swap existing paper tickets onto a Smart Card.

You must collect your Season Ticket from your chosen collection station before you travel. Please allow a minimum of two hours before collecting your Season Ticket.

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