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Is it safe to use your trains? Can I socially distance on them?

Yes. We're doing everything we can so that you can travel with confidence with us. As lockdown is easing, we are seeing a growing number of passengers, and some rush hour trains, especially in the early morning, are beginning to get busier, although it is still possible to easily socially distance on Stansted Express trains, especially if you move down the train and use the full length.

We've made it easier for you to decide which train to travel on, if you have some flexibility, with our less busy trains tool on our website which lists services with fewer passengers. Some routes, especially at peak times, may also have convenient alternative services with more capacity available not long before or after the train you were planning. Please check before you travel using our website for the latest service announcements.

We have measures in place to keep you safe on board our trains:

  • We're cleaning and sanitising our trains and stations using powerful equipment including special fogging guns and virucides, with particular attention to high touch areas such as door handles, push buttons and grab rails. Did you know that in the last year we've used 26.5k litres of virucide to sanitise our trains? Find out more facts and figures about our cleaning.
  • We have very high levels of face covering compliance - but please remember some customers and staff are exempt from wearing face coverings.
  • The air conditioning on our trains draws a carriage's worth of fresh air every six to nine minutes. Doors opening at stations also allow fresh air into carriages.
  • We've introduced new trains onto the Stansted Express route so there's more space for you to spread out while on the train, especially as our passenger numbers are much lower the pre-Covid levels on most of our services.

Find out more on our blog.

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