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National Lockdown - only travel for work if essential and for legally permitted reasons - View Covid 19 timetables

Updated 25 January 2021

We are currently in national lockdown, so we ask you to follow Government advice and only travel for work if essential or for other legally permitted reasons. For more information view Government advice.

Stansted Express continue to operate services every half an hour, with 3 trains an hour at certain times of the day. We'll continue to run services so essential travellers can still get to work or medical appointments.

We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that all those who have essential travel to make will be able to travel safely and in a socially distanced manner. Please check your journey before you travel and stay safe.

Cross-border journeys

Please be aware that travel restrictions and local circumstances linked to the coronavirus pandemic may be different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. View our Coronavirus travel advice page for more information.

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