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Do I have to wear a face covering on your trains?

Updated 30 November 2021

Yes you do. Many of our customers have continued to wear face coverings at our stations and on our trains, and from Tuesday 30 November 2021 it is compulsory again, unless you are exempt.  It’s a simple way for us all to help keep each other safe.  Thank you to all our customers who wear their face coverings when travelling with us. You may be fined up to £6,400 if you don’t wear a face covering now they are mandatory again. Exemptions include children under 11 and some other circumstances which are outlined here Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, how to make your own - GOV.UK (

Thank you to all our customers who wear their face coverings when travelling with us. It’s a simple way for us all to help keep each other safe. 

Is it safe to travel on your trains?

Yes, you can travel with confidence on our trains. We have spent extra money on new equipment and staff to clean and sanitise our trains to keep you safe. We have fogging guns which spray a fine mist of disinfectant, powerful vacuum cleaners which clean the air as well as the upholstery and biological testing equipment we use to double check our cleaning regime is effective.

We have even been carrying out random Covid tests on our trains and every single one of them has been negative.

We’ve got ventilation covered too. Our new and refurbished trains have air conditioning, which sucks in fresh air every six to nine minutes. Trains without air con have opening windows – and all trains have doors which open at stations, so while you’re travelling you’ll still get some fresh air.

Is it busy on your trains?

Many of our trains are getting busy again, as people feel safe to travel and are enjoying getting out and about after so many months of staying at home. However, our passenger numbers are not back up to pre-pandemic levels and there are still many trains running which are quieter. If you have the flexibility to travel at a different time, use our less busy train tool on our website to find out which trains have fewer passengers on board.

On our new trains, you can check which carriages have more free seats by looking at the passenger information screens in every carriage. There is a diagram showing all the carriages and toilets on the train. If your carriage is full, head for a green carriage where there will be fewer people.

What can I do to keep myself safe on the trains?

As well as wearing your face covering – and please cover your face and nose - remember also to keep up the good habit of washing or sanitising your hands. We’ve got hand sanitiser available at all our staffed stations, but it’s a good idea to pop a little bottle of hand sanitiser and a face covering in your pocket or bag when you travel in case you need them.

Use the full length of the train and platforms. Please stand back and let people off the train before you board. There’s more room for everyone to walk to the ticket gates on the platform than through the train, so please don’t gather at the front of the train while you’re waiting for it to arrive.

You can also buy tickets online to minimise the time you have to spend at the station.

And of course, if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home and get a test.



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