All of stations have colleagues available to help with any questions and concerns you may have. You will find them in our ticket offices, on platforms as well as customer service offices where available. Help points are also available at non staffed stations.

Cleaning and hygiene

  • Turnaround cleaning is carried out at terminus stations throughout the day in trains, on train toilets as well as train exteriors.  We're paying particular attention to high touch areas such as grab rails and washroom facilities. Touchpoints are additionally sanitised overnight.
  • We've invested in cleaning equipment - Fogging guns and vacuum backpacks.

  • Fogging is delivered to in-service trains at a frequency of 42 days following an interior heavy clean. Reactive fogging is also undertaken where a suspected case of COVID-19 has been reported. Monthly swab testing is also undertaken for COVID.

  • Keeping soap, water and toilet paper topped up in our toilets on stations and trains.

  • Keeping toilets open wherever possible.

  • Discouraging the use of cash when buying tickets. We can still accept cash if you have no other means of payment.

  • Hand sanitisers are available at all of our staffed stations, but we encourage you to always carry your own.

Social distancing

  • Making trains as long as possible, so that passengers can spread out throughout them.
  • Reminding people to social distance on our trains through announcements and pre-departure messaging.
  • Constantly monitoring passenger numbers so that we can make trains longer or increase the frequency if necessary.
  • Making it clear how you can keep your distance at stations with signs, posters, floor markings and tape.
  • Putting in queue systems and one-way systems where necessary to control the number of people on platforms or in stations at a time.
  • Deploying staff at some busier stations to help you follow all appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  • Following all Government and Public Health England advice on keeping our customers safe.