Bag up to a 60% West End discount with Stansted Express rail transfer from the airport

by Paul Markham | Nov 14, 2016
A visit to London is never complete without a trip to an iconic West End show – and now visitors can save up to 60% on theatre tickets with a Stansted Express rail transfer into central London from London Stansted Airport!

Stansted Express’s 5 million passengers a year now have access to over 100 top shows, musicals, plays, operas, ballets, events, exhibitions and attractions with up to 60% off, the flexibility to choose seats and dinner packages with a new safe and secure online booking site at

The new offer is in partnership with Encore Tickets – one of the largest ticket agencies for London theatre with portfolio that features all of London's theatres, plus restaurants, attractions, river cruises, sightseeing tours, exhibitions, events and theatre breaks, in addition to UK regional theatres and Broadway. The cast of The Railway Children helped to promote the new offer at London Liverpool Street on Thursday 10th November. The cast at the photocall included Jack Hardwick who plays Peter, Felicity Houlbrooke who plays Bobbie and Julie Gilby who is in the ensemble.

2016 marks the 110th anniversary of the publication of Edith Nesbit’s much loved classic children’s book The Railway Children, which has subsequently been adapted for the stage and screen, most famously in the 1970 film version directed by Lionel Jeffries and starring Jenny Agutter, Bernard Cribbins, Dinah Sheridan and Sally Thomsett. The Railway Children - Live on Stage is an award winning production of Mike Kenny’s stage adaptation of E. Nesbit’s novel which is currently running at Kings Cross Theatre until Sunday 8 January. The Stansted Express website is available in five different languages and train tickets can be booked online up to six months in advance, offering the chance to plan ahead, and conveniently book transfers, show tickets and accommodation, moving the company’s website another step towards a seamless travel booking service.

Eleni Jordan, Head of Sales at Stansted Express, commented: “At Stansted Express we are always looking to improve the customer experience and offer added value. The ability to book discounted theatre tickets and accommodation whilst arranging your transfer to or from the airport on the Stansted Express adds another level of convenience, value and choice to customers.”

Stansted Express is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel between central London and the Airport, with recent official figures showing that is also the most popular form of transport, above the coach or car.


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